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What is ?

An easy way to pay bills over time, interest free.

  • Zero Interest

    Never pay extra on your bills.

  • Fixed Rate

    Your rate will never change—guaranteed.

  • Affordable

    Pay what you can afford monthly.

Why a payment plan?

Total Medical Bill:


  • With Standard Credit Card

    $109/mo | 14% APR


    Total Paid

    Paid off in 264 months

  • $139/mo | 0% APR


    Total Paid

    Paid off in 36 months

  • With Medical Credit Card

    $162/mo | 26.99% APR


    Total Paid

    Paid off in 291 months

Comparison based on typical interest rates charged with the lowest monthly payment possible comparable to a ProPatient plan.

Complete an application (that won't affect your credit) and turn your bills into affordable, monthly payments.

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How it Works:

  1. 1Tell us how much you owe and who you owe.
  2. 2Apply online in minutes and get a plan instantly.
  3. 3Verify your income and set up auto-payments.
  4. 4Relax knowing your bills are under control.

A payment plan you can afford

  • ProPatient Plans were created within the healthcare industry (not by banks or insurance companies) to make care affordable.

  • ProPatient providers agree to payment terms based on your ability to pay and you get zero interest, affordable monthly payments.

  • Zero interest, zero small print, zero deadlines means no extra expenses for you for the lifetime of your loan.

  • Unlike credit cards, your monthly payments go toward lowering your balance instead of interest, allowing you to payoff bills sooner.

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Our application is easy, secure and won't affect your credit.

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Our promise to you

We make medical care affordable for everyone.

  • Nothing Tricky

    No introductory teaser rates that blow up into massive debt at high interest rates. Your terms stay the same during the entire payment term.

  • Nothing Hidden

    All rates and terms are clearly stated up front and there's no small type that you have to read to understand what's going to happen.

  • Fast + Easy

    Rest assured: applying for our hassle-free payment plan won't affect your FICO score and can be done quickly, in about 2 minutes.

  • Adjusted to You

    Our payment plans have monthly payments adjusted to your ability to pay based on your financial info – not a one-size-fits-all solution that’s unrealistic for your budget.

Resources to manage bills

Our partners can help keep you in control of your expenses.

  • Life Transformation Recovery has joined the Parasail ProPatient movement to help you better afford you and your family's health care.

    This hospital has committed to offering its patients a 0% interest payment plan option to help pay for out-of-pocket medical expenses.

    Invite your other doctors, hospitals or providers to join the program and help make medical care more affordable for patients.